Cocktail Party FAQ's

How many bar staff do we need?

Up to 30 People one staff member is fine, from 30 People onwards we recommend two staff. From 50 onwards we recommend 3 bar staff members.

How long should we run the cocktails?

From our experience to get the best value out of a cocktail party clients should look at a 2.5 – 3 hour cocktail party duration. This timing allows all guests to sample the cocktails on offer, will ensure that staff are not under too much pressure as cocktails can be quite labour intensive and also ensure that everyone has sampled enough! From here, we then suggest that clients (if wanting to extend their function) settle to offering some champagne cocktails, spirit mixers or just straight beer & wine to guests.

What do your staff bring?

What do Cocktail Packages Cost?

Our packages range in price depending on duration, selection of cocktails and staffing considerations. They start at around $50 per person for 3 hours based on 30 + people. We like to tailor all of our packages to ensure our clients know exactly what they are getting in regards to quality, quantity and staffing.

How much are the individual cocktails?

All of our cocktails have individual pricing to assist in deciding which cocktails to use for your event. You may like to do cocktails on arrival and will choose a cocktail to suit their budget. We can design a range or a cocktail to suit your budget or event.

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