Three Christmas Season Gin Cocktails

Inspired by the aptly named Juniperlooza in Melbourne last month, we thought we would put together some stand-out recipes for Christmas party cocktails with a Gin base. Gin is one of the most versatile cocktail bases as it allows you to create a wide range of masculine and feminine cocktails for all kinds of occasions.

The Negroni 

VIA Four Pillars Gin

The Negroni is a tribute to the original definition of a cocktail: spirit, sweet, sour and bitter, the ultimate balance of flavours to stimulate all senses and quench all thirsts.

four pillars gin brisbane 11


  1. 30mL Four Pillars Spiced Negroni Gin
  2. 30mL Campari
  3. 30mL red vermouth
  4. Orange segment


  1. Layer ingredients over ice in a short glass
  2. Squeeze in a twist of orange
  3. Mix with a tall spoon

For a Contessa, swap out the Campari for Aperol to create a lighter, brighter version of this classic cocktail.

Don't be afraid to experiment with ratios and garnishes to tailor this versatile drink to your own tastes.



VIA West Winds Gin

This forgotten classic was named after a Broadway musical but in our eyes is a really easy party starter. 

We love this drink as you can’t mess it up but if 10 friends front up for a cheeky backyard session it’s a perfect sipper you can make real quick.



  1. 45ml The West Winds Gin The Sabre
  2. 15ml Cassis
  3. 15ml lime juice


The Ink Gin Martini

Ink Gin is produced in small batches in the Northern Rivers of NSW. It's beautiful blue hue comes from an exotic flowering legume with colour changing properties. This natural floral infusion gives Ink Gin a remarkable look, most elegantly displayed in a signature Ink & Tonic, which changes colour from deep blue to blush pink when mixed.

Via Cocktails and Bars

ink gin cocktailsandbars IMG 074334


  1. 60 ml Ink Gin
  2. 10 ml Maidenii Dry Vermouth
  3. Glass: chilled Martini glass
  4. Garnish: lavender



If you need some ideas for excellent local gins, try West WindsFour PillarsArchie Rose, Ink Gin or Applewood. A local bottle of Gin also makes an excellent christmas gift!


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